Friday, November 1, 2019

Rajasthan community's pride.

As Rajasthan is not famous mere for travel and tourism, but also famous for its love for our traditions and passion for business. Let's discuss about the person who changed the scenario of our community's patriarchal mindset. Her name is Smt.Geeta Bharat Jain, famous and successful for defeating stronger opponents in Mira _bhayander area. Her development work in her field of politics is well-known by citizens but very few know about her initial days. Born in a middle class family in Mumbai. she was eldest among 3 siblings. Her father was a retailer of clothes in jogeshwari and mother a homemaker. Since childhood, geetaji had  a dream of  successful career and wanted to become self independent. After her secondary education, she used to teach underprivileged kids for free during her free time at slum area near her home. To support her education, she took various part time job, because was so determined about her career .  She successfully completed medical laboratory technology course and also started working in this field. So after her marriage with Shri.Bharat Jain, a real estate developer (son of a successful ex politician) , Helping father in law in election work, even she developed interest in politics, so with guidance and motivation of her husband and in-laws family, she began her career in politics, with the agenda of help and development. The intention to write this article on geetaji is , that if geetaji's family can support her ,to achieve her goal why can't we motivate our daughters and daughter in laws. After all it's time to bring an change in our community's rules and restrictions. If we can wear modern clothes, adapt modern technology, why not modern mindset?  Strength, hardwork and right support from our family can change lives.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Fun for some , haunting memories for victims.

Hii guys, my name is Shweta Singh, journalism student. Born and brought up in this fearless Mumbai city.Thus being a student of media, i know the power of media well. In my study ,we are taught to report,explore,cover , highlight facts and stories of masses. But today I want to share my personal story, which I never shared with almost anyone. My father is a small time retail of steel utensils in vasai .As the festival season start ,its obvious to help me n my brother to help in his business. So it was a time of Diwali season ,time was 10.30 pm .Due to festival and traffic , the availability of auto became low. I was about to go home from shop . The regular distance is of half hour from my shop to home. So after waiting for 10 minutes, a bus came on the way where i was waiting , frankly speaking the incident of Delhi gang rape case came in my mind which happened in a bus, Thus to avoid delay. I took a bus,  I  noticed probably 8 to 10 people, Among those people, there were only 2 ladies. I was relieved atleast it had 2 ladies. So i sat on the front row near a lady. So after 15 minutes of ride, a gang of 5 boys entered , they took a backseat . They were chit chatting loudly , when suddenly a guy from their group, made an silent hint to his group. Thus they all suddenly started staring me and commenting on my dress and on my body . They thrown very bad remarks on me. I was scared , thus observing my fear, the lady who sat near me told me " don't worry dear, i will exit from the bus when your destination come, Don't say anything to these notorious group . I can't believe that, since childhood I was always a outspoken girl, I never took anything for granted.  How i  was scared? I was even shocked that even that bus conductor didn't stopped that group of boys. Similar incident happened, after some months , never to underestimate that such incident happens only late night, it was 5 pm in evening , when I was going for shopping.  God knows that time, why there were much public during that time. So while I was walking , group of 6 boys were  walking in my opposite direction , among those 6 boys ,one was heavily drunk, I was little tense seeing them, but I ignored them.suddenly that drunk guy commented on me , " Are item rukh , kya dikhti hai kadak". After hearing that , I just scolded that guy and he apologized that ," I am sorry , i am drunk" . I replied, "you talk like this to your sister bro".   The another guy told we are sorry and they silently exited.  During that time , I really felt brave.  The message , I want to share is that yes today I regret , that why didn't I opposed those guys who commented on me badly . I want to tell that yes eve teasing is an emotional trauma which almost every girl faces specially on public places like while commuting in train, railway platforms ,bridges , even while walking alone. The eve teasers don't even realized that their some moments of fun moments can make feel scared or depressed  to the victims. The longer you will suffer silently ,the majorly we will be victimized. The fact is majority of time, we don't discuss the our parents due to unfriendliness , lack of proper communication, fear that our freedom may end of going places alone. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Dutt saab... A man's untold emotions.

The movie Sanju did so well on box office and it got good critically acclamation , but behind this journey of life with so much name,game, controversies , drug addiction, there was one man who acted like a constant pillar of strength. The legacy of his values and ethics and his progressive mindset deserve to be remembered .So late Dutt Saab (Sunil dutt) an popular name in film industry ,has his own journey. Born in a simple middle class family in punjab who liked to live life on his own terms. After  completing his school studies , he started working as an R.J simultaneously completing his higher education too, to support his family financially.One day at his workplace, one man suggested him for modelling because of  his well built personality and after auditioning, he also got offers for acting this slowly and gradually he made a name in bollywood, also fall in love with timeless beauty late nargisji and they had 3kids from marriage. So let's discuss some of his untold emotions,  when Sanju ,his son expressed his aim of becoming actor, dutt saab's meaningful advice was ,my son"all this name,fame and opportunities you getting to. become an actor , never take it for granted because other people struggles hard to achieve so always respect this". It was the worst time for Dutt saab when nargisji was diagnosed with cancer  at last stage and sanju's addiction for drugs.he was fighting many inner battles , but dealt with it bravely .when in an interview whenever duty saab was to be asked about sanju's drug addiction he used to reply honestly and humbly that yes Sanju was addicted but it was due to his shock of nargisji's death but Sanju had fighted and overcame from this addiction through his efforts. There was a time when Sanju was unable to recover from drug addiction , his best friend explained that , Uncle you are a brave personality but please inform Sanju is different, he has his own Passion and mindset , please understand that".On that day itself Dutt saab took an bold step ,ask his son to share a drink which was worth discussing because that step was acceptance of reality and explaination , that although his son has his own aim and passion he accept it  because he love him . There was also a moment when underworld used to force Sanju to have compulsory presence in their parties which Sanju was not happy naturally by their invitation but was forced too, one day duty saab confronted him that why he attend such parties if he don't like them, he advised them to tell it honestly even they provide threats .so this was a step of teaching his son that better to live peacefully with strength to tell Truth. There are many things more ,I wish you could read this letter but what the world needs to know that you foughted every battle without any complains and tried to understand your kids situation with whole acceptance and lifetime are a real hero and your values of strength and honesty will be immortal. This is my little tribute to you.  We love and respect you dutt saab.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Privacy matters.

One incident of my friend  which made me realized to discuss the most ignorant topic, her commute in local train,her fellow Lady passenger literally peeping in her phone.  when she was chatting on her phone,She confronted that lady but do we Indians generally give importance to privacy majorly, no.. It's not an uncommon thing that family members check each other phone specially of their teenage child when left unattended. Like almost spying on their cellular activities. It's not uncommon in our home to enter any family members in our  room without knocking, the psychology is that what is the need of privacy among our family members but it is. Shahrukh Khan in an interview described that he always knock the door when his wife is changing clothes even after being married for 30years, also knocks his kids room before entering because he feels it's their personal space and it's their right. So this are values and ethics which should be respected and this is our real manners and education.Also there are several case happening when people publicised their personal chats and private pictures after break-up. The person doing this will never understand the mental trauma which his or her ex _ partner goes. Totally disheartening and shocking for a person to believe , that with the one you spent your Best intimate moments is defaming you to prooved his innocence. So the message of my article is to highlight the importance of personal space . when personal space is neglected, the respect for the person also diminishes. So if there are any issue evoking in mind it's better to discuss frankly rather than any impulsive action or judgements. So personal space is our right ,if we expect honesty from our dear ones it requires right mindset to accept.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Breaking stereotypes.

As feminism is the latest discussion , stories about womens reaching the level of success after struggles etc , but my today story aims to discuss importance of being humanist than feminist.  This is a story about a manegi not only gained success but also help his partner to achieve her identity. H what attracted  nameme isto write this story is,  we always have mindset that higher education is always important to  have progressive thinking, but he prooved me wrong. Jagdish borana, a successful saloon owner in virar(mumbai).Born in a middle class rajasthani family at udaipur. Jagdish father a cook by profession in a well-known businessman in South mumbai. He and his whole family except his father used to stay in village located in interior of udaipur. Jagdish hardly passed ssc because of no interest in study. So after 8 std, he moved on to his Uncle house in virar, there he learned saloon course. So he set up an saloon start up near his residence , collecting some saving from his father and Uncle After completion of his course. Slowly and gradually, after certain struggles .His saloon started having a good name for his service and his good work ethics, thus he also brought his mother and sister to his residence of Uncle's house. So as Jagdish belong to a community where often , youngsters are engaged in his 19th year, he gone to saw a girl name hema who also belong to jagdish's nearby village. Hema a shy, beautiful in her sweet sixteenth. She completed just ssc .so with the family alliance and both's approval,they got engaged. During those times there were hardly any personal mobile, this they used to have conversations via letters and common telephone. Hema says letter were a reason to create an attachment and bond between 2people. Thus after 2years they married with great enthusiasm. Hema had to adjust herself in this new city's environment, initially a tough phase of her life. So after certain adjustments, Jagdish and his father decided to make hema skilled.  So hema was happy and her respect grew more for her husband. Thus after hema's approval, they enrolled her to a beautician classes nearby virar station, the location of her classes was 40minutes far from their residence .Initially  jagdish's mother wasn't much happy about her joining beautician course but Jagdish convinced his mother that homechores and her classes will be balanced . Jagdish decided to receive her everyday from her classes in evening, those 40 minutes of Walk together blossomed their romance well.😄  So after completion of 6 months course , Jagdish and his father gathered some saving and set up an ladies parlor that hema could operate.  The parlor business boomed slowly with her strong determination and her self confidence began rising. Presently she  says that she never dreamed of that one day she will have her own identity, she feel very lucky to have such an amazing partner who broke an stereotype.In this 12 years of saloon business, she also trained more than 50 girls under her supervision. They have 3 children ,2girls and one boy. Both the partner work hard to provide their children all facilities but also taught values and well manners. So this is actually real love, where main aim is mutual respect and mutual self identity Creation.I wish more people like Jagdish  who  break the patriarchal system  who believe in achieving and also help in achieving. We should also credit our man too even they deserve equal credit.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Honour killing. name or shame

The topic of honor killing is the crime,which has penetrated deep in our patriarchal society . Through the power of media, we can create more awareness and guide masses about the evil crime which not only kills victims but humanity too .there has been many cases about honor killing done by family due to their mindset of getting defame in our society. It's has occurred not only in rural areas but in Urban areas , where modernization has step in everyone's life.we use smartphone, high tech technology, but still our patriarchal mindset needs a change . After attainment of adult's age, we all have right to marry by our choice laid by our constitution, but actually it's still not applicable in everyone's life. Some think that killing the couple who loves or marry each other on their choice have no right to live, because their ego is hurt . After all how many people will be killed or tortured ,it's time to highlight this issue and create a solution.first of all , communication barrier between our youth and their parents have to be decreased, this can only happen with a progressive mindset . Parents can think logically, little friendliness and proper mindset will really create progress in their and their children's lives. marriage system should be considered according to their choice not by caste . It's our youth duty also to attain financial independence before marriage so that we are fully prepared for the responsibility. Stringent laws and helplines by government for the victims. After all to bring change and harmony. Change is essential.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Rain and it's memories.

We all love rainy season approximately, but enjoyment we have in childhood during Monsoon can't be forgettable. My memory in childhood during Monsoon was playing at terrace with my group of friends in rain without caring about our stain on clothes or getting ill. The most thing we used to love during heavy rains are the holidays of school we used to get. There were even times when loadshedding used to happened mostly but even those times we kids used to be unaffected and used to play in our society compound. Now when i see, urban's society compound  all kids doesn't get involved in playing games like hide and seek, kho kho. The best memories were playing bruceley bruceley with my neighborhood friends , me and my brother and when the frequent complaints increased our spanking by mum. Those people don't have inverter at home specifically, we middle class people who can't afford candle light dinner at fancy restaurants, get the chance to be at their home 😂😂😂. Being mumbaikar not to forget young couple becoming more cosier at places like marine drive, bandstand etc and our group of girls commenting on those couple 😂😂😂. Monsoon also blossom romance of not only teenagers but also of middle-aged and olds too, having a walk together hands in hands under one umbrella is also a part of romance which we ignore sometimes. Also not to forget bollywood buff like us have diehard imagination of romancing in rains , that Aashiqui 2 types 😂😂. So even if Monsoon creates hurdles for working people specially , problems of drainage and traveling but still Monsoon will be special.