Monday, August 17, 2020

Standardization in media ... highly needed.

As the world is progressing to a better place, where there are lots of advancement in science and technology, communication , business, innovation, information broadcast even in the remotest areas , but somewhere we have not been much aware about  the  topic is the  requirement of standardization in media,  there have been lots of issues raised by specially celebrities for the overexposure of media in  their life, where personal life and relationship are openly exposed without their proper permission. We respect that this overexposure is because of demand From viewers and readers But why this topic need to be thought in detail way and requirement of  implementation too , let's understand it through example, we all are aware about the speculations going around for the late actor Sushant singh rajput mysterious death case. Not to forget how the images of late ssr's death body was circulated on social media apps, we all understand about the curosity of knowing how and why such unfortunate incident happened but atleast we needed to show little sensitivity atleast, it's very sad to even imagine under what sorrowful conditions his family and close friends were going through , the height of media was , when his father was  repeatedly almost harrassed by media about information of his death case, this doesn't meant that every media person proved to be unsupported but little patience would be very much needed during that time. Next example is constantly trolling of people who are under scanner of investigation . All this have led to spread of negativity , toxicity which can be also depressive for those whose names are trolled much. So Yes the reason for writing this topic is,  Yes we all know, our country is a democratic country. we have freedom of speech where we are allowed to express our thoughts freely, but does that give us right to hurt anyone's sentiments without knowing the reality, hindering someone's privacy .There are many such incidents occurs when , the boundary of privacy has been crossed like circulation of someone's private  photos which are broadcasted without his or her permission , just to make a breaking news or trending it online. So if there are so much improvisation in academics syllabus and content,  why not add this topic  and training to deal  with such professionalism i.e standardization in media which would not only boost our aspirant media professionals about the ethics which shouldn't compromised for any topic,it will also set an example among whole world, that we value people's sentiments and also believe in being sensibile specially in sensitive topics  .

Monday, July 13, 2020

Yes it actually happened😍

So guys, I hope you all enjoy this story, sharing this story brought me to 10years down memory lane, those moment, memories made our life fully completed. Little adviced for specially our youngsters, I know nowadays people belief in marriage had decreased, I understand due to many reasons but I would love to say that if you find someone to whom you connect directly through your soul, don't loose that person. Yes there is a general perception towards finding a perfect Life partner is everyone's desire, but that's a myth, no one is going to be perfect totally.  Trust me guys , if you find someone who motivates you to be better in life, supports you in each and every ups and downs, someone who  respect you for your originality, than you are totally blessed. Sharing your life, emotions etc is a part of relationship, so guys enjoy this phase always ❤️.

Yes it actually happened 😍part 7( a promise of commitment.)

Yes finally our marriage rituals completed with fun, excitement, happiness, all close members arrived at our house 10 days before. Our house actually got a different Vibes, all our rituals of worshipping, haldi, mehedi, sangeet, ring ceremony completed well.  It was time for our D'day, like every girl I was excited, nervous, there were literally there were lots of goosebumps, also emotional for us, because before this new phase, I was going to leave my house, to settle in my husband's house. Yes there were nervousness too, because our countries were different, residing in a different community's family and most important leaving amma , as after neha's marriage,amma didn't felt much incomplete because I was there but now , imagining her living alone without us, was emotional moment for us. So our moment came for taking those 7vows, where there was 7promises of love and commitment, our both style marriage completed successfully. During my send off (Bidaai), that time, amma , neha, me and all our ladies gone very sentimental.   We all hugged each other, hugging amma was very emotional moment for us. I saw little tears in her eyes, she strongly controlled her emotions so that I don't cry much. The best moment was when mummy (my mother in law) hugged amma and made her relieved that now "she is my daughter too, you don't worry at all sudhaji". Listening this, a different smile evoked on Amma's face . That would be one of the most special memorable moment for us. We took everyones blessings. So finally I was now mrs.nisha Mehta.   I always respected the concept  of marriage, but sometimes being a mother of a daughter now I understand, how tough it's for a family of a girl, to send her permanently in a different house, where no matter how much good behaviour would be there, but things are definitely going to change and yes it's very natural, we all girls and their family go through this phase. Now I think when my daughter would be married, I  strongly desire, that even she gets a partner like her father, who supported me in each stages of life, also my mother and sister in law, who created efforts so familiar environment of ours house, where I don't miss my house much. So yes it actually happened guy's, two countries, one World merged totally with little adjustments and mutual understanding.❤️❤️.

Yes it actually happened 😍, part 7.

So finally, after lot's of if's and but's, our both mothers and Rohan's maternal aunt, decided to meet  and have  further discussions about marriage ceremonies. As we both belong to different communities, so definitely things were going to be little tougher, interesting and different. So , finally Rohan and his family shifted to their virar's house from canada for completion of all marriage ceremonies and rituals. Both mothers had desire to complete all our rituals in traditional styles. For amma, learning about gujrati rituals was little tough and confusing as they are totally opposite from our malayali rituals , But Rohan's mother and her maternal aunt told amma that "not to worry much , we will explain you every rituals in detail and we will do each and everything in our budget, sharing it in 50 _50". Amma was mentally relieved from stress of all marriage ceremonies and rituals, due to supportive nature of mummy and masi (Rohan's maternal aunt).  Finally our muhurat was decided and ceremony of both community styles was decided.  Budget was decided, gift's list was decided from both sides, shopping was started for both types wedding. Menu was discussed. Everything was like roaller coaster ride, it was fun , tiring yet very exciting πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Yes,it actually happened 😍(finally yes❤️)

Amma's those words of explanation gave me an insight, I seriously should thank God for providing me mother who ditched typicalness, for making my life happy, she boldly accepted that even distance can't stop loving me so much. Marrying your child, especially a daughter and that to where her in-laws are in another country, isn't easy. All this feelings, I understand much better now because even I am a mother of a daughter and just imaginative of sending her at a distant place, make me very nervous.  After the next day, when Rohan asked his mother, that how much serious he is for me. He asked mummy to talk to amma and clear doubts if any. Our love story would be incomplete without discussing about Rohan's mother and her aunt's contribution. Let me introduce you guys to mummy (Rohan's mother) . Her name is Bhakti Mehta, a person who worked too hard for her family, Yes Life wasn't easy after early demise of Rohan's father, settling to Canada wasn't easy without proper formal education, but ours self made woman even did labour job too, for maintaining family and kid's education. Today  when I think about Rohan's gentle man Nature and maturity,  the credit totally goes to our Mummy . Seeing your mother working so hard, makes a guy more mature and a perceptions to respect women more. So after  lot's of discussion with my close friends and family , I finally decided to accept Rohan's proposal of marriage with a whole heart. So when we finally started chatting again, slowly and gradually everything took a balance, happiness bounded again, Yes this combo of North and South India was planned by destiny.❤️❤️❤️

Yes it actually happened,😍 part6

Yes I would honestly describe this phase as very unpleasant and boring too. My family noticed that Yes I am not happy internally too, but office work and hanging out with friends on weekends made me feel better. Being honest , my life was actually incomplete without talking to Rohan. Every close friend of mine knew that I am not happy fully. The best thing, I got to knew later is even that, we stopped texting to eachother. Inspite of all this, Rohan never failed to know about me via neha, Micky and our close mutual friends. So after some days, Rohan called amma, he told amma, "I know amma, how close nisha is to you and Neha, but shifting to India is next to impossible because all our life, we worked too hard, to live a well settled Life in Canada and starting everything again from zero in India would take many years to have a well settled life, I understand about stigma attached of n.r.i guys in india, but I promise that I would surely bring nisha to India every year, i also promise she would stay happy with me and my family." Listening all this amma replied, "okay dear, would try to understand nisha, you don't worry beta. Take care." So finally amma decided to lead and asked me frankly" beta, do u love rohan". I told " yes amma". Than she explained me lovingly, look Rohan is seriously decent guy , you guys would be happy with each other, "Yes shifting to Canada is difficult but not impossible, in this generation, finding someone so seriously for me is not easy." 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Yes it actually happened( it's time for a twist.) Part 5

No doubt my answer was yes for the proposal of rohan, but the question of shifting abroad leaving my single parent mother. Rohan initially told me to shift India with his family , as I was not ready to settle at Canada permanently. His family and wasn't aware of our relationship. His aim was to tell his mother, sister and elders as he completes his age of 25th . Thus time was flying faster than usual for us. As soon he completed 25th years of age, his mother announced to his maternal uncle and aunt ,to find a girl for marriage purpose from gujrati community. When Rohan knew about this, he confessed that he loves me and had proposed me for marriage. Mummy (Rohan's mother) was shocked when she heard and more shocked when she knew that I am South Indian. Usually our North Indians have certain mentality about South Indians regarding their looks, culture,  little conservative nature etc .So Rohan's mother denied ours relationship because of caste issue and I understand why she must have denied because like amma, even she lost Rohan's father at a very early age. She struggled and work harder to survive in Canada although her maternal side was very support,  but I am proud to say, that my mother in law is a self dependent person. Mumy too single handedly fulfilled responsibility of a mother and father, also balanced work and family very well. I actually respect that lot. So to convince his mother, Rohan called his maternal aunt who lives in mumbai, as he is very close to her, he told about our seriousness and convinced her to make mummy understand . When his aunt called mummy (Rohan's mother) to convince her, mummy agreed on one term, she told her maternal aunt to meet me and my family once. So after four days ,on Sunday his aunt came to meet us in our house. As our roots are from south, but residing in mumbai for such a longer time, we were gelled well with north Indians too. Actually his aunt was relieved that , what she mentally thought about us, we weren't that typical South Indian people, she liked all of us well. But the best thing about his aunt we loved was her honest nature, because when amma told his aunt that, "may be Rohan will try to settle in India." Aunt directly told truth that ,"sorry my dear but Rohan won't ever shift to India, because he and his family struggled lot to live a well settled life in India ". Me and amma was shocked for some time, I was very sad that time. The next day, I had a very bad call with Rohan, as I thought he cheated me by telling that he would shift to India. Yes Rohan listened everything patiently, he said yes I told you, I would shift to India, but it's very tough to leave such a job security and well settled life in Canada. I directly told him on phone, that I am not interested in carrying our relation ahead,as I don't want to shift Canada leaving my family. Rohan replied ,"I understand your emotions nisha, I just wanna say is no decision will be forced upon on you, if you are happy breaking up with me, okay but I seriously loved you very much and would respect your emotions are decision , it would break my feelings too, but if you are happy, it would be fine for me, Good luck for everything, cyaa."

Standardization in media ... highly needed.

As the world is progressing to a better place, where there are lots of advancement in science and technology, communication , business, inno...